R.W.M Bro B Stewart

I.P.M R.W.M Bro S Jamieson

D.M P.M Bro K Dalgetty

S.M P.M Bro T Coull

Secretary P.M Bro P Stanton

Treasurer P.M Bro R Birnie

W.S.W Bro R Millar

W.J.W Bro G Shepherd

S.D P.M Bro I Dawson

S.D P.M I Alexander

I.G Bro D Millar

Tyler Bro D Walker

Master of Ceremonies Bro W Bisset

Bible Bearer Bro D Duke

Almoner Bro A Webster

Chaplian Bro D Gouck

Jeweller Bro S Hoggins

Principal of Stewards Bro A Renilson

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